Introducing the badass guardians of the Biotacoin universe: the Biotans! These NFT legends aren't just pixelated art pieces; they're the ultimate protectors of our digital treasure trove. With their cool pixel vibes and electrifying aura, each Biotan is a masterpiece in its own right, pulsating with the energy of the crypto underworld.

But don't be fooled by their pixelated charm—Biotans are more than just eye candy. They're the OGs of the Biotacoin's community, standing tall as the defenders of our precious $BiTC coins. From their pixelated thrones, they watch over our crypto kingdom with relentless vigilance, ready to fend off any digital raiders who dare to challenge our sovereignty.

Join the ranks of the degen elite and collect your very own Biotan NFT. Together, we'll ride the waves of decentralization, flipping the script on traditional finance and forging our own path to digital glory. With Biotans by our side, there's no limit to what we can achieve in the wild world of crypto madness.


Max supply: 8,888

Price: 69 IOTA

Utility: Biotans can be used to "mine" more $BiTC via NFT staking

Mint date: 21/6/2024 16:00 UTC

Contract address: 0x727B6F2591EB758007084043De6129106d07eFc2 (View on Blockscout)

All funds gathered from the minting of Biotans will be used to buy $BiTC back from the market and burn it.

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